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Technology is the enabling motor for state of the art SCF products. It can grant fully straight through processing when build up with due care and inclusive of the client's specifics.

For technology providers it is indispensable to be always on the cutting edge of latest developments and continuously enhance their solutions in order to meeting their clients requirements.  Sometimes these business needs are not 100% clear at first sight because new market segments or geographies are involved and that needs diving deeper, additional know how and capacity to make the right decisions. 

We can help you to analyse those requests as well as the challenges and opportunities which come along with them in the different market segments and support you in the creation of your future SCF IT solutions.

"Playground at the edge of new terrain"

See following examples in which areas MHCF can support you:

  SCF Solution strategy    

  • As an IT provider for SCF you want to have a structured and independent expert view on what type and features of SCF solutions are marketable?
  •  You want to have an insight which customer segments and markets have good potential for your next expansion steps?

We know the available SCF options in the market as well as the players and provide you with deeper insight on which type and features of SCF solutions have growth potential. To foster your strategic decisions, we perform market research and analysis as well as profound feasibility studies considering the specifics of your organization and client base before you enter into major investments.

 SCF Technology selection processes   

  • You need additional capacity with both SCF and banking insider knowledge during an RFP process or for a client pitch
  • You need additional capacity during the implementation process?

Having done multiple SCF product implementation and IT vendor selection from a bank's perspective we understand the background of their questions, pain points and decision processes. Based on your goals we elaborate with your team the response to the client's RFI/RFP and advise you during the whole selection process. From bringing you on the long list, through short listing and preparation for demo sessions to final decision-making


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