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Leading companies always reach for the top. Growth needs to be financed and when the risks involved get higher it needs equity capital to fire up the engines. 

That's exactly where MHCF comes into play. We offer "entrepreneurial advisory" - combining strategic and day-to-day management experience from our work as CFO in various companies with a 25 year track record in the areas of private and public capital markets transactions as well as M&A deals. MHCF supports you in the areas described below.

 "Routes to the Top"

 Private Financing Rounds  

Fast growing early stage companies are in constant seek for equity capital. Being invested into a portfolio of start-up companies ourselves, we definitely know how the story goes. MHCF offers hands-on design and execution work for your financing rounds - from designing the equity story via preparing the company for due diligence to the actual investor road show. Our comprehensive network to the international Venture Capital and Private Equity industry enables us to structure financing rounds up the pre-IPO stage.

 Equity Capital Market Transactions (IPOs / Capital Increases)  

Based on more than 20 years of experience in the capital markets we prepare our clients for the decisive step into the public markets. An initial public offering and/or capital increase requires perfect preparation in various fields - corporate strategy, corporate structure, finance and reporting, investment story, legal requirements - but first of all it needs a management prepared to interact with professional institutional investors and sees them as a challenge and not a threat. Due to our vast experience in capital markets transactions combined with the day-to-day experience as CFO in listed companies there is no better partner for you than us!

 Listing in the "Direct Market Plus" of Vienna Stock Exchange  

Often, your financing requirements are too low for a "real" IPO where institutional investors require a certain minimum deal size. If you still want to test the waters of the stock exchange and make your shares tradeable - why not try the new "Direct Market Plus" of Vienna Stock Exchange (read more). This is an easy and cheap first step into the public market increasing your visibility within the financial community and therefore paving the way for bigger steps in the future. Through our partner company "L42 Capital Partners" we act as Capital Markets Coach and help you through the process and the first year of your stock exchange life.

 M&A - sell side  

Sometimes, a listing in the public markets does not fit into your financing strategy but taking in financial or strategic investors could boost your business.  MHCF helps you in preparing your company for taking in external investors from optimizing your financial structure, defining your financing requirements, preparing management and company for the due diligence to drafting convincing info memos for the investors and managing the entire investor approach up to the final negotiations.

 M&A - buy side  

You have identified a target you want to buy and integrate into your business. MHCF can help you in approaching the target, conducting due diligence and offers vast valuation experience to find the right price and achieve the best results in the negotiations with the target's owners and management.

At MHCF we know that there are no out-of-the-box and fit-for-all solutions. Every company's DNA is different and personal and the professional aims of owners and managers will be different -  sometimes a challenge to bring them under one roof. Let us discuss your individual situation and future plans and find a route to the top!  Contact

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