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Working capital optimization and stable supply chains play increasingly important roles for running a business efficiently and with success.

Today's supply chains are changing due to globalisation, digitalisation and new technologies. The players in the supply chain eco system are multifold and companies transform their value chains and the way they work with each other. All this triggers and opens the space for new ways of financing their business. Supply Chain Finance deals with the needs along the whole value chain of corporates, it caters for financing and risk mitigation

"Nutrition for your value chain"


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SUPPLY CHAIN FINANCE - a definition  

 The SCF product universe:  

  • Factoring / Receivables purchase
  • Invoice discounting
  • Payables Finance / Reverse Factoring
  • Dynamic Discounting
  • Inventory Finance
  • Purchase order finance
  • Payables extension or Post-financing
  • Syndication structures / Multi-funder SCF solutions