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Financial institutions of any kind, traditional banks as well as  alternative financiers or supply chain finance platforms, have recognised Supply Chain Finance as a valuable product line  for meeting their corporate client's needs for working capital optimisation and stabilisation in their value chain. 

However, they also face a number of challenges and opportunities from changing environment. Regulation, digitalisation, new technologies and adapted client's behavior strongly influence the evolution of SCF products and SCF provider's competitive advantage. 

We very well understand the impacts of  these aspects from a finance provider's perspective and can support you to define your future SCF product range and set-up. From strategy building, through technology selection and implementation to the end-to-end operation.

"Fresh perspectives for better products"

Please explore following examples of what our SCF Consulting Services can do for your organisation:

  SCF Strategy   

  • You want to learn more about Supply Chain Finance before making strategic decisions?  You want to have a structured and independent expert view on what type of SCF products make sense in the context of your financial institution's overall strategy/product portfolio?
  • You recognised Supply Chain Finance to be a valuable new product line or you need to conduct a feasibility study for it?

We know the available SCF options in the market as well as the players and provide you with deeper insight on why SCF should play an important role in your bank / factoring company. We truly believe it's not done with benchmarking alone, as there is no “one fits it all” solution.  We advise you in the strategic dialogue with your board colleagues and key executives and help you in designing your individual SCF product strategy!  Furthermore, to foster your SCF decisions, we perform market research and analysis as well as profound feasibility studies considering the specifics of your organisation and client base before you enter into major investments.

  SCF Technology provider selection   

  • You need help with selecting an SCF Technology provider or SCF platform partnership and with running the respective RFP process?
  • You need additional expertise and capacity during the implementation and roll-out of a new SCF IT solution?

Due to our network  and continuous market screening we know the relevant SCF Technology providers and platforms, their solutions and capabilities. Based on your goals we elaborate together with your team a sound RFI/RFP and run the selection process efficiently. From long list, through short list and demo sessions we prepare the basis for your final decision! 

We plan and execute with you a sound implementation and migration of your existing SCF business into the new IT solution. We support you during the requirements definitions, testing, set-up of the new products & processes and training of your staff .

  SCF Product development & implementation   

  • You need add on expertise and capacity to develop your SCF products?
  • You require additional external expertise in the introduction phase of the new SCF product until you've built up your own knowledge base and resources?

Based on long time experience with development and implementation of SCF products in banks including various jurisdictions and legacy systems we support the creation of your state of the art SCF products in all project phases and throughout all the involved areas of expertise as per your request. We coordinate relevant internal and external stakeholders. Our hands on services include among others: definition of target operating models, functional and technical requirements descriptions, implementation planning, testing, end to end process descriptions and creation of marketing & sales material. We make sure that the know-how transfer to internal staff is done in due time by adequate training in order to ensure smooth processes in the ongoing phase.

 SCF Transaction support & implementation   

  • You need add on expertise and capacity to structure and implement a specific SCF program?
  • Your SCF client has non-standard requirements? You want to set-up a syndication structure for an existing or new SCF program due to client request or limit constraints?

Thanks to practical experiences with multiple SCF program types and special client cases we know the do's and don'ts. We advise you in the deal structuring and provide you with sound planning  and hands on execution support during the technical and organisational implementation of the specific SCF program, including the establishment of partnerships with other funders as applicableWe train key staff and support the onboarding of business partners.

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